Posted by: Martin Fox | June 21, 2008

Kenya reduces malaria deaths by over 40%

According to a recent joint report from Kenyan authorities and the United Nations, child deaths from malaria have decreased by more than 40 percent over five years, simply by handing out free, insecticide-treated mosquito nets. The Center for Global Leadership thinks that is very cool.

Over the past five years, Kenya gave out 13.5 million treated nets with the percentage of children sleeping under them rising to 52 percent in 2006, from 5 percent in 2003. It is estimated that for every 1,000 tents issued, seven children are saved. The quick math… 13.5 million tents equals 94,500 lives saved.

Malaria experts are hoping the success can repeated elsewhere in Africa. Up to 2.7 million people die from malaria annually and 75% of them are African children (malaria is both preventable and curable).
94,500 lives saved — now that is cool.

By Martin Fox – the Center for Global Leadership and the Higher Road Initiative


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