Posted by: Martin Fox | June 24, 2008

Corporate World or Public Service – is it either/or or and/also?

Big paycheck or serving others? “Corporate sell-out” or public service?. Big questions really, but great questions none-the-less. My answer is pretty simple (please keep in mind that I’m an applied economist of sorts – so go easy on me). I don’t believe it has to be an “Either/Or” equation (fixed pie). It makes so much more sense to take the “And/Also” attitude (expanding pie).

My logic…

Our world is full of wonderful, compassionate, and inspired people who work in corporations, small businesses, farms, hospitals, global non-government organizations (NGO’s), and nonprofits. People who choose to work in the “for profit” arena can be great contributors to worthy causes with their volunteer time, expertise, and very importantly, their financial contributions (both their own contributions and their company’s social contributions program). For example, my last company donated millions of dollars to worthy causes each year (pretty cool).

So, you need both (i.e. “And/Also” approach – the proverbial expanding pie). You need people to staff the public service organizations and you also need volunteers/expertise/cash from people in the corporate world. Then again, our motto is One Earth, One People, One Global Community. Enjoy the following article from Sara Rimer with the New York Times.

Peace out – Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative.




    The missing link to this good article.

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