Posted by: Martin Fox | July 3, 2008

The power of little things

By Martin Fox with The Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative

This blog is based on “The luckiest girl” article was forwarded my direction by an esteemed Board Member and very smart cookie. Well, she might not like being called a cookie, but I’m pretty sure PhDs can be referred to as smart cookies. Hmm, better check on that one.

The article, by Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times is a straight-up, in your face, feel good story. A great reminder of how little it takes to make a huge impact in someone’s life. Happy reading.

Beatrice Biira had her life changed by, well, a goat. Growing up in a small village in Uganda, her parents did not have the money to send her to school, until a goat entered her life (thanks to the children of a community church in Niantic, CT).

Her new goat had twins and when the kid goats were weaned, the family drank the goat milk and sold the surplus. Well, the surplus milk sales added up and then Beatrice’s family had enough money to send her to school.

Smart cookies all around… Beatrice did very well in school and eventually landed up in a US Prep School. From the Prep School she moved on to Connecticut College. Now Beatrice is headed for a Master’s degree at the Clinton School of Public Service. After that, she plans to return to Africa to improve governance.

Wow, all of this started with the donation of a small goat, from the children of Niantic Community Church. $120 in total to change someone’s life. Can’t think of a better feel good story than this one today.

Peace out – Martin Fox with The Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative.


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