Posted by: Martin Fox | July 3, 2008

Only happy blog topics today

By Martin Fox with The Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative

Hello from beautiful Park City, Utah. Wow, I had so many things going through my mind during the morning mountain bike ride. I mean, serious, soul searching, global consciousness kind of things. Somewhere into the furious ascent, I decided it was time to take a day off from the serious side of things and return to that inner child who loves to play so much. So… today’s blog stories are just some articles that made me feel happy. And… Happiness is a great thing.

The first article highlights an initiative to change the US stereotype of Islam through art exhibits. Definitely falls under the “One Earth, One People, One Global Community” category.

The second article highlights the life altering difference a gift of one goat made to a young girl (must read).

The third article today discusses “gap year”. With a step-daughter on her way to Tufts in the fall (same school as the woman highlighted in the article), this topic felt appropriate for the day.

Peace out, Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative



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