Posted by: Martin Fox | July 8, 2008

The making of social and environmental entrepreneurs

By Martin Fox with The Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative

Through the course of my work and travel, I have the pleasure of meeting inspiring social entrepreneurs and environmental entrepreneurs from around the world. Each one has a unique story, a brilliant story really, when asked how and why they ended up where they are. 

In the end, it always comes down to passion and commitment to a purpose. A purpose much bigger than themselves, with little financial reward, but immense intrinsic reward.

In each case, they take action on issues they cared deeply about. By simply taking that first step (action to address a gap), they started on an adventure of a lifetime.

So where is your journey going to take you?

For those of you who like to read inspiring stories, check out the excerpt link from “Your America” below and then buy the book. Great reading.

Peace out – Martin



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