Posted by: Martin Fox | August 19, 2008

Poverty and population growth issues in the developing world

By Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership

I came across an interesting AP article this morning while having my tires rotated and oil changed for the epic recruiting roadtrip (hey, I love to read while running errands). The premise of the AP article was that the poorest countries in the world have the fastest growing populatins as well. No surprise here, levels of education and income are key indicators of birth rates and corresponding population growth. But… the population growth and poverty “obviopiphany” is not what I learned from the article. Rather, I just got some good facts. No solutions, no underlying causation, just good facts (seek first to understand).

I learned things like…

  • 1.2 billion people live in countries defined as developed (18%). 5.5 billion live in “less developed” countries (82%).
  • 35% of the population in less developed countries are undernourished.
  • 60% of the population in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished (let’s explore both societal and economic causation and corresponding effects on that issue).
  • One in 75 women (1.3%) in the less developed countries die from pregnancy-related complications (scary). The number is one in 6,000 (0.01666%) in developed countries.
  • Fertility rates in sub-Saharan Africa are 5.4 children per woman, 4.7 per woman in less developed countries, and 1.4 per woman in developed countries. 
So again, nothing in the article spoke of solutions or implications, the article was just good food for thought. Peace Out – Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative

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