Posted by: Martin Fox | August 26, 2008

The Center for Global Leadership joins

The Center for Global Leadership is proud to announce a partnership with, a company helping everyone benefit from the social web.

In short, Remarkd (launching this week) integrates the $700 billion marketplace eCommerce services of buying and selling online, with powerful social networking tools of communication and sharing. Kind of like “Ebay with a cause”, but I’m fairly sure they are not allowed to say that.

In my non-technical lingo, that means you buy and sell online and the seller donates a percentage of the proceeds to a cause of choice. Learn more at And don’t forget to choose The Center for Global Leadership as your cause now…

Some quick facts from Remarkd…

  • 2007 Giving USA statistics highlight a $295B giving market, with the online giving segment at $10B and growing at 50%.
  • “Social networking” is a very fast growing phenomenon with 1 billion members on community sites worldwide, including more than 50% of American Internet users.
  • Social networking users represent the fastest growing segment of the giving population.


Very cool stuff. Peace out – Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership and The Higher Road Initiative.


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