Posted by: Martin Fox | September 23, 2008

Be The Change Today Tour Update

Wow… Sorry readers. Beatrice Cha-Chow and I have been traveling around the country like banshees for the past week. Well, 3,500 miles or so, but who’s counting – much…

Quick summary…

Left Park City on Monday and crashed at Brad and Gretchen Ryan’s house in Nebraska late that evening.

Tuesday witnessed Beatrice going big. Her huge burst of energy took us across the entire midwest, around flooded interstates, through downtown Chicago at rush hour, and still managed to get us to the PA/NY state line by 3am (promised Brad above that I wouldn’t drive all the way to NY, so we stopped just before.) Gas mileage across the country was a whopping 28.5 mpg, not bad for Beatrice, with a 12 tons loaded onto her.

Wednesday arrival in Rochester, NY to regroup briefly and hit the EMS store to buy a rocket box for all of our goods. Brad and team at EMS totally hooked us up with helpful advice and good karma. Wednesday evening spent playing Rock Band 2 with friends until 3am (possible consumption involved).

Thursday morning, woke up at 6am and headed to the Amtrak station in Rochester to catch the train to NYC and the Millennium Network event. Slept most of the way.

Millennium Network meeting in NYC Thursday evening with former President Bill Clinton (very cool meeting, awesome crowd, and great band.) We are now officially part of the Millennium Network, a global group of 4,500 young leaders under 45 years of age – each of us committed to taking a stand for global change. Rock on… Hmm, I also like to hear I’m still considered a young leader at 44 years of age.

Friday back on Amtrak to Rochester to retrieve Beatrice and her new Rocket Box. Spent the evening in a daze, catching up on work, and listening to friends play Rock Band 2 until 2:30am (very little consumption on my end.)

Saturday, loaded up Beatrice and booked it for New Hampshire and Randy Richard’s lake house. Randy runs Mountain Spirit Institute and is quite a character. Then again, anyone who used to train Outward Bound Guides is bound to be a bit colorful. Drive across NY was flat, flat, and more flat. Once Beatrice and I hit Vermont and New Hampshire, we settled into a state of awe and bliss (beautiful mountains and great little towns.) That stated, Beatrice doesn’t like her new Rocket Box much and we only managed 22.5mpg (wind drag baby.) Bummer

Sunfest at Mount Sunapee, NH on Sunday. Very cool sustainability festival. We had a lot of interest in our work from people of all ages and backgrounds. The wave is building…

Monday was off to Mystic/Noank to see Cornell friends, before they head out tomorrow for a six month sail on their new boat, Lucky Dancer (hmm, am I jealous – yep, just a bit.) Great meeting with Greg and Marjana, but never enough time with them. We just may convince Marjana to join our Board. She is one smart cookie. Hmm, am I allowed to refer to her as a cookie? What is a cookie anyway?

Tuesday morning – I helped Marjana take stuff to the boat and then headed back north to NH in the afternoon.

Rocking the free world. Peace out from Beatrice Cha Chow and Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership and recruiting tour.



  1. Best wishes for succuss on your “infocruitment” tour. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

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