Posted by: Martin Fox | May 18, 2009

Bhutan’s King – what do you think?

King_Jigme_Khesar_Namgyel_Wangchuck_Ojy3LoThe following is based loosely on a newswire article this afternoon for “most eligible world leaders”. We are taking the information in a different direction and interested in your thoughts about Bhutan’s new King and his view of public service.

The 411… At 29 years of age, Bhutan’s King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck is the youngest head of state in the world – not bad… The King is also one very smart individual, with a Master’s degree from Oxford. The King is a devout Buddhist, widely known for his compassion for others, and measures his country’s prosperity with the Gross National Happiness Index (we blogged about the GNH earlier last year.)

The King’s view of public service… “I have no personal goals. I will adopt your aspirations as my own and work towards fulfilling them.” “I shall give you everything and keep nothing.”

We think he is the dude, but we are interested in your thoughts.

Is there still room in politics for compassion, working for the common good, and “…giving everything, but keeping nothing…? What say ye?

Peace out – Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership.


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