Posted by: Martin Fox | October 29, 2009

Tony Blair’s re-emergence onto the global scene

imagesPermanent Presidency of the European Union? Interesting concept…

After his recent stint as special envoy to the middle-east, it looks like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is lining up for “Permanent Presidency of the European Union.”

To that possibility I say a resounding “Wahooooooooo!”

While I didn’t always agree with Tony Blair’s positions on global issues, I was inspired by his articulate way of expressing his convictions in a logical and coherent fashion. I always felt like I knew where Mr. Blair stood on issues.

The following are some of my favorite things about Tony Blair. The basic points were pulled from a Christian Science Monitor editorial earlier today – with my own editorializing:

Accountability towards the suffering of others:

  • Blair is a proponent of intervention in the case of a humanitarian crisis or gross oppression of a civilian population.
  • In Fox words… “The world can not stand around and watch another Rwanda genocide, while doing nothing to prevent it.”


  • Blair… “I still believe that those who oppress and brutalize their citizens are better put out of power than kept in it.”
  • In Fox words… “Just make sure you follow the Colin Powell advice to exhaust all diplomatic channels before you put soldiers and civilians in the line-of-fire.”

Do the right thing, regardless of the personal consequences to yourself:

  • Blair… “I do not seek unpopularity as a badge of honor. But sometimes it is the price of leadership and cost of conviction.”
  • In Fox words… “Stand in your core truth, even if it is going to cost you the prime minister role in Britain.”

Service to others:

  • Blair started a foundation to increase understanding between the different faiths of the world.
  • In Fox words… “Rock On Soul Brotha’!”

The Koran’s version of true islam:

  • Blair… “Islam is progressive, humanitarian, sees knowledge and scientific advance as a duty, which is why for centuries Islam was the fount of such invention and innovation.”
  • In Fox words… “Absolutely agree, so let’s keep getting that message out there in the press.”


  • Blair… “Our job is to support and partner with those Muslims who believe deeply in Islam but also who believe in peaceful coexistence, in taking on and defeating the extremists who don’t.”
  • In Fox words… “I love Tony Blair.”

Peace out – Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership

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