Posted by: Martin Fox | September 27, 2010

The next generation – they rock!

We hear a lot about the next generation. Much of the negative input falls into the blah, blah, blah category. We work with young people around the world and they rock! I’m inspired by the next generation, not worried.

The following information was sent by one of our partner organizations.

Martin Fox witht the Center for Global Leadership – accelerating the global ripple.

Question… What will you do differently in your career, as compared to previous generations?

Answer… Global citizenship – understand & respond to diverse cultures and local needs, whether economic, environmental, or social”.

Question to CEO’s and Students… What is the implication for leadership with the next generation?

Answer summary… “Overall, creativity was the leadership quality most frequently selected by both groups.¬†Students and CEOs alike viewed creative leadership in terms of disrupting the status quo and taking bold, rather than incremental steps.

Beyond this commonality, there were strong differences that were entirely consistent with students’ values about sharing the earth.

Among the nine leadership traits CEOs and students could choose from, students placed higher emphasis on only two leadership qualities – global thinking and a focus on sustainability.

Students were 46 percent more likely than CEOs to view global thinking as a top leadership quality. And they were 35 percent more likely to include sustainability in the top three.”

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