Posted by: Martin Fox | October 7, 2010

Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes – NY Fights Back

The following is an cxcerpt from an excerpt from AP Writer, Sara Kugler Frazier. The topic… NY’s attempt to ban sugary drinks from the list of items that can be purchased by food stamps. Fighting childhood obesity and  obesity related Type 2 Diabetes is a major health issue facing our country.

Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership – accelerating the global ripple.

NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys

Officials said the proposal targets sugary drinks because they are the largest contributor to obesity.

“We continue to see a dramatic rise in obesity among children, especially in low-income communities,” state Department of Health Commissioner Richard Daines said. “This initiative targets a major public health threat — the high consumption of sugary beverages — which have little to no nutritional value.”

More than half of adult New York City residents are overweight or obese, along with nearly 40 percent of public school students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

City officials said lower-income residents are most likely to drink one or more sugar-sweetened drinks a day; type 2 diabetes is also twice as common among poor New Yorkers compared to the wealthiest.


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