Posted by: Martin Fox | February 3, 2011

CGL’s Martin Fox wins the Outdoor Industry’s Inspiration Award


01.20.2011– The Outdoor Industry (OIA) has named Martin Fox the winner of their Outdoor Inspiration Award, presented by adidas Outdoor. Chosen from over 300 moving nominations submitted from around the world, OIA calls Fox “one of the best leadership educators in the country, weaving the outdoors into a diverse curriculum that focuses on making a difference in the world around you.”

Fox is the founder of the Center for Global Leadership (CGL) and a long-time outdoor guide, professional skier, and wilderness medic. Fox’s passion is getting young people outdoors, active, and engaged in implementing grassroots programs that tackle pressing social and environmental issues at home and abroad.

An expert in leadership development and armed with years of experience running global companies, Fox left the Fortune 500 in 2005 to follow his true calling. In Fox’s words, “Young people are going to change the way our world works. My role on this planet is to help accelerate their success.”

“Inspiration is one of the core values shared by outdoor industry businesses and it fuels our passion to get more and more people involved in outdoor recreation,” said Frank Hugelmeyer, president and CEO of Outdoor Industry Association.

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is comprised of over 4,000 companies involved in the outdoor market. In short, OIA represents the companies that make and sell the clothing and gear that all of us use to get out and play.


  1. The world needs more people that are making a difference like Martin Fox.

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