Posted by: Martin Fox | May 4, 2012

Innovation defines the 2011 List of Best Leadership Companies

The Hay Group just published a study on the best leadership companies. It would seem innovation has become the competitive differentiator of top performing companies. Some of the study highlights include:

  • Innovation sets Best Companies for Leadership apart. 94% are prepared to run unprofitable projects to try new things
  • 100% of the Best Companies let all employees behave like leaders. Only 54% of peers do likewise
  • 100% of the best companies manage a pipeline of qualified leadership candidates
  • Leadership boosts the bottom line. Best companies outperform the S&P 500 almost 2x over 10 years
  • 90% of Best Companies let employees bypass the chain of command with an excellent idea
  • Problems are opportunities. 95% of Best Companies think this way
  • Collaboration is mandatory. 100% of Best Companies take action when a leader is not collaborating
  • 95% of Best Companies reward leaders based on their ability to build excellent peer relationships
  • In Best Companies, 95% of senior leaders take time to actively develop others. Only 48% of leaders at peer companies do this
  • 95% of leaders at Best Companies are culturally savvy and able to be effective with diverse teams

See the company ranking here:

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